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Welcome to Bay Street Grille - the place, where you and your loved ones can have great time together, resting in a circle of friends or relatives! This is the cafe, the history of which dates back to 1981, when two brothers, Jack and Hugh Ferns, decided to open a small cafe. The place quickly became popular with their friends, relatives and neighbours. And it now stands out from the crowd due to the interesting and exclusive menu containing grilled and ordinary dishes, beverages and delicious desserts you’ve never tasted anywhere else!


Bay Street Grill is a cafe, which features the harmonious combination of cozy and very comfortable atmosphere, extensive entertainment options, creative interior approach that will come up to various tastes and preferences. We serve superb meals and we are always ready to take into consideration all your preferences and ideas. Our personnel is well-trained and professional to provide you with the utmost level of servicing you’ll be satisfied with.


Whether you plan to celebrate a special occasion or just wish to have great dinner in the relaxing atmosphere, then Bay Street Grille is waiting for you! We know how important time spent with your loved ones is and we promise to ensure the best memories so that you had the desire to visit us over and over again!